“Why Now “? Do you call me at this God forsaken time of the night Omongole shouts back into the ‘Phone, I just got a few a hours to sleep on my day of and you spoil my sleep? Do you know how often Mama Apedun gets to see me for this long? Lakini Okiror: do you really know how tired I am? “Yes sir!’ Okirior blurts out… clearly shaken. Okay! what’s reason you spoil my sleep?
Ariokot has been taken to hospital: Badly beaten. “ You mean the Ariokot who sell’s Ajono at the yard Omongole asks? Yes Sir that one.. And who beat her up? “The Husband”  Okiror answers! We’ve arrested him! And his got a knife wound in his stomach! Ariokot  stabbed him as she tried to get away..  hope he was taken o the hospital too! Yes he was arrested;  Afande Bankunda is with him cuffed to his bed.  He’s been stabilized now…
“Am on my way” Omongole says as he hangs up, as he gets out of bed.  Jacinta his wife awake now from the animated and fairly loud phone chat: Mumbles something to him as he gets up to pick up some clothing. Not caring to even put on his Uniform just his jeans  a Police centennial celebration T-shirt and his Police supplied boots, and he was out of the house. Since the hospital is close to his home he chose to just walk there after all there was no agency to the case. Ariokot was in hospital and Her husband Mr. Mukasa is in Police custody at the hospital. He mused to himself, Hospitals can be Prisons too
At the Hospital he asks for where the lady who’s been beaten by the husband she’s still in the theatre, she’s lucky the surgeon hadn’t left, he stayed. He’s now fixing her up… But you can go to the end of the corridor turn left that’s where she is. “Thanks Nurse” Omongole says. As he heads out in t he direction given… as he gets to the Room Bakunda who’s standing By the Recovery Room 1 salutes Omongole.. “You’re Welcome Afande”   as Omongole says to him good Morning’ “ why don’t you go and rest” I doubt Mukasa is Going anywhere soon”  Thank you Afande….” Where is Okiror?” Omongole asks before Bakunda leaves… “He went back to the station” “Okay” will meet him there. Omongole opens the door to the recovery room and finds a Nurse attending to Mr Mukasa, in the room is also an elderly lady very quietly waiting for the Nurse to complete her Job.  “I am Detective Omongole from the police station nearby”
He introduces himself to no one in particular, just then the quiet elderly lady gets out of her seat and turns to Omongole and asks if Ariokot has been arrested? “Why should she be arrested?” Mukasa quietly asks? “ But she tried to kill you”  The lady answers….. “She’s my Mother” Mukasa tells Omongole.
“Is it okay if I speak to the patient?”  Omongole asks the Nurse.. not now she answers. Waiting for the doctor to check him out first before we can allow you to ask many questions…  “why haven’t you arrested her yet?” Mukasa’s Mother asks again.. because she’s not in position to be arrested yet. She’s badly injured. And doctors are trying to stabilize her.. So Don’t Worry well investigate..
“It was my fault” Mukasa said! loud enough for everyone in the room to hear… “Keep quiet” his mothers barks at him…  “Lady maybe we should let Mukasa rest” No am not getting out she replies… “Then I’ll have to arrest you for disturbing the peace of a patient” He says well aware there is no ground for him to arrest her. Somehow it works and she leaves the room, and sits on the benches provided under a shade near the room.

To be continued

The Case Of the Missing Boda Boda……. The End

37: Det. Omongole: Mama Brown please can I have the phone…please…
38: Mama Brown:
Hands  over the phone.

39: Det Omomngole:
Faluku! Am Det. Omongole from the Police station

40: Faluku.. Ehhhh! Afande.. hawaliyu…  Am Faluku Husbandi for Mama Brown…

41 Det. Omongole:
So what happened where have you been?  Your wife is very worried, very scared.

42: Faluku!
Afande  am  reach now now  am even looking you even Mama Brown I see…

43: Det Omongole: Hungs up.
(just then Faluku arrives… mama brown is so excited and almost throws her husband to the Ground)

43… Faluku. .excited

you see me I get customer  to go to the next ka town he take me then we pick  his Girlfriend, and we go then he tell me we go to see his friend in the other ka village where they have many withcraft.. We reach very late:

43: Det Omongole:
So what happened.

44: Faluku:
Me I tell customer I go back home….. but his friend he say,  here we don’t move at night very
dangerous the night dancer they eat people. So I aks if a night dancer he eat any one he know..?  he say ‘No”  so I ask him Now you fear why? My customer he say “ he grow here so from before they
were borned here people don’t walk at night….  Even Net work was not there, they tell me network is
only on the ka small hill, now I even fear to go there. So I just stay.

45: Det Omongole:
By The way Faluku, you seem Hungry and  am in a good Mood.. what will you eat

46: Faluku:
Their have  have Byenda ( Offals)?
47: Det. Omongole:
Ask if that’s what You want……
48: Faluku:
But Afande will you afford? Eh I see for you you are eating fat fish..
49: Mama Brown:
Munange “ my friend” afande said he have some money

50:  Faluku
But him them the police they be eatin on us our money for overloading and “elmet” you take the bribe even the aza day the other Policeman Atugonza he take five thousand

51: Det.Omongole
Huhh I’ve heard about Corporal Atugonza… I will talk to him about  his behavior.

52: Faluku
Thank you Afande..  hunger was kill me badly… ehh but the night not easy. Mosquitoes Mama Yangu eh eh eh .

53: Det Omongole
Faluku You know you really scared you wife so much… you should tell her sorry.. infact you should buy her another dress.

54: Mama Brown
Hehehehe But afande you be funny very muchi wama Faluku don’t buy new dress.. me I be have many dress.

55: Det Omongole
Since your Faluku has appeared am going back to the station.. look after him well…. Infact Faluku go and Make another Baby…….. walks away Laughing aloud…

The End

Case Of The Missing Boda Boda Part Three..

1. Atmos
At to the motorcycle stage

3. Det. Omongolo
(Speaking to the bicycle riders, to no one in particular) has any of
you seen Faluku since Yesterday?
4. Rider 1

I saw him yesterday when he take the man to the town, he say
he was going near by after I did not see him again, whats
5. Mama Brown
Faluku he not come home yesterday, even now he not come
6. Rider
Have you called him on his phone?
7. Det. Omongolo
His phone is off, maybe network or battery.
8. Rider two (arrives in view)
Asks his friend what the matter is.

9: Rider 1

Have you seen Faluku?
10. rider 2

Yes! I saw him at the next town yesterday in the evening, he
was heading to that village where,
Hussein comes from!
11. Det. Omongolo
Which Village?
12. Rider 1

The other one where a little boy was stolen last year! The boy
who was later found in the shrine of hajji Yunus the
traditional healer who was burnt to death after that.
13. Det. Omongolo
Ohh! That village, but that’s more than 60 km away, what was
he going to do that way!
14. Rider 2
He said he was taking a certain man and his wife to see there
15. Mama Brown!
But the taxi is there to that place

16. Rider 2:
may be they where in a hurry, and could not wait!
17 Rider 1
Maybe he slept at another womans home!(laughing a loud)
18. Mama Brown.
You! Now you are making funny yet Faluku is missing and
you know he is not like you. Today farida, the other day,
maria, even the other day peace came looking for you!
19. Rider 2
You don’t worry this man is just mad, leave him alone
20. Det. Omongolo
speaking on phone
21. Det. Omongolo
I have spoken to the OC of the police station there, he says he
is going to ask around, ok! But you describe him to the OC on
the other side as he hands the phone to her!
22. Mama Brown
Hullo! Ok! Now he is short man, with big beard, he has also a
scar on his face from accident, was wearing red old jacket for
Manchester, you see he supporting the football team. Ok sir
thank you ( she hands phone back to the detective)
23.  Mama brow
Now what?
24. Det. Omongole
We wait!

25.Mama Brown
For whati? (getting restless)

26. Det. Omongole….
Mama Brown you see nothing we can do.  We shall wait for

27. Det. Omongole….
Mama Brown. .. you have  been with me along tine today..
have you eaten.? You must be hungry.

28.. Mama Brown :

Even I did not drink tea. . But I don’t care me am walledi
because Faluku is missing. How can I think
of Faluku. . I left My child with Mama Bulenda my
neighbor. . Even ifu I wanted to eati I didn’t
nonti bring money even thw balance of money Faluku gave
me I took to our sacco. ..

29. Det.  Omongole.
“Taken aback”
So you save some money… how come? Does Faluku know
you put some money away…

30. Det… Omongole. .
Look let me buy you some lunch. . At the kiosk restaurant
near the big Mango tree…

31. Mama Brown. …..
But you policemen you doesn’t have money…

32. Det. Omongole..”chuckling aloud.
Mama Brown am an organized fellow. . Am not really poor.
33. Mama Brown. .
Okay.  But you buy for me beanisi and matoke.
34. Det. Omongole.
You don’t want chicken?
35.. Mama Brown….
No! Me I like beanisi. .
“Mama Browns Phone rings just as food is served. ..”
36: Mama Brown. ...
Picks phone to answer. ..Hullo
She screams with joy at hearing the other side of the phone. .
Faluku where are you
Where have you been
What’s wrong with your phone
What is wrong. ..?
Why where why why but Faluku why you hide, now me I
think you be in accident

to be continued…..

Case of the missing Boda Boda Part 2


3. Detective Omongolo

Now Madam, tell me about your husband, how you met, anything you can tell me that can help me(says this as he pulls out a note book)

4.Mama brown:

You mean you are going to write it all I say.


Yes! am going to write the important ones, it will help me if I forget some thing.

6. Mama brown Ok!
Now you see I used to cook food in the other market , the one which was taken by the fat rich man with the very thin wife who has bleached herself. Now it is a mollo!  a big building, I think you know it, even the ka police post which was there was taken away.  I used to be the one too serve Faluku, by then he was riding bicycle, before Tata James give him the motorcycle, because he behave goodly.

7. Detective Omongolo
Does he still ride foTata James’ motorcycle?

Mama brown:
No he ride his own motorcycle, it even sleeps in the house with us, you see Tata James was going back to the village soon so he agree with Faluku to buy the motorcycle, and he pay slowly. Faluku put the money in the bank, for Tata James.

Ok! You may continue with your story.

9. Mama Brown:

Then one day Faluku tell me to be his girlfriend, and me I allow because I also was looking for husband , and Faluku, good man also. So I allow, Some friends tell me that Faluku not good, that I look for another man with at leasta special hire taxi, not a motorcycle. But I refuse, for me Faluku make me laugh

Laughs loudly!

11. Mama Brown:

you are laughing for what?


13. Det. Omongolo:

Whats wrong with you stupid man riding like a mad man(he shouts at the hooting rider)!

14. Det. Omongolo:
So how did you become his wife?

15. Mama brown:

I become preganant. And I fear to tell him; I think he will refuse the stomach and say I be Malaya (prostitute) be was happy and he tell me to stay in his house, he even shifted to a two room house.

16. Det. Omomngolo :
And what did your parents say?

17. Mama Brown:
They were sad but also happy because faluku even went to see them and even promised to marry me properly.

To be continued.

case of the missing Boda Boda Part 1

Detective Omongole in:

Scene 1

  1. At the police station About 9. 00 A.M
  2. Policeman             How may I help you madam?
  3. Woman             my name it is mama bulawuni
  4. Police man             Ok mama brown what seems to be the problem?
  5. Mama brown             Yesterday my man, husband his name is, faluku. He is a Bodabodahe did not comuhome yesterday . Even his phone is off
  6. Policeman               So does your man have another woman
  7. Mama brown               Whati?
  8. Police man             A girl friend?
  9. Mama brown             I don’t know; but I hear loumers that there is a ka woman who sells the food in the market she is called Smolo! But I don’t know.
  10. Police man ok I cant help you but I’ll call Detective Omongol, he will Help you.
  11. Mama Brown. Who you be calling, me I am just wanting to find my man! Not Omongolo
  12. Police man (laughing) calls out in to the next room for detectiveOmongolo)


13: Detective Omongolo:   You moron, did I not tell you never to shout my name, what if the other woman, you know the one who gave me the other sweet soda, and I did not pay comes by

  1. Policeman:   ayayayahh! I remember, that day, she almost cut of  that thing of yours down there( laughing loud)

15. DetectiveOmongolo:                  ok what seems to be the problem, officer? You called me

  1. Policeman Okula: Any way this woman here Mama brown, says her husband is missing.


 FX Phone rings in back ground

  1. Detective Omongolo: Mama Brown, tell me the story from the start?
  2. Mama Brown: Ok yesterdayFaluku, he be my husband,
  3. Detective Omongolo: just tell us what happened
  4. Mama Brown Am telling you. Ok, after breakfast he give me 5000 shs for food,, you know he likes intestines of the cow, I buy the food andcook for his supper, I wait for him but he don’t come back, I beat his telephone number but phone is not on
  5. Detective Omongolo What time did you call him mama Brown?
  6. Mama brown Was time when that tv shows Mari cui around
  7. Detective Omongolo May be it was network, you see these pakalast, endobooba, etcevery one is talking at the same time so network is poor some times. Maybe the battery was finished
  8. Mama brown I tried againagain at the time for news, but nothing, so I thought maybe he was playing pool at the bar


  1. Detective Omongolo des farouk drink waragi?

Mama brown:   NO! he is muslim man, he does not take alkokol at ollo!

  1. Detective Omongolo Does your husband, have   another woman?
  2. Mama Brown but officer you ask me if Faluku has second girl? I don’t know, me I just want my man!
  3. Detective omongolo so what happened aftyer you called him last?
  4. Mama brown you know me I was now tired, so I say to my self, if he comes he will knock on the door, and I open,   but for me am going to sleep., so I leave his supper on the ka stool, then I go sleep, only to wake and the morning has come but no Faluku, I say eh! Now what, so go toask neighbor if she seen Faluku, but no he has not seen himu
  5. Detective Omongolo and then what!
  6. Mama Brown I come to police and I find officer here then he call you
  7. Detective Omongolo Where is his place of work.
  8. Mama Brown: there on the big muvule tree, near the market.
  9. Detective Omongolo: Now let me talk to O.C station then we go to the stage and ask his friends.
  10. Detective Omongolo : leaves the front office leaving Mama Brown with other officers, (random conversations not related to mama brown)
  11. Detective Omongolo: Sorry Mama Brown, for delaying, so do you have transport!

38.Mama brown                        No I don’t have. But the stage is not far, we can even walk, I only have enough money for supper, you see all the money Faluku left is finished.

  1. Detective Omongolo ok! its ok.
  2. Exit from police station As they leave he shouts to Policeman Okula, (you okula am going down here to the market, when they bring my food please keep it for me.